Vice President for Students Affairs

Directorate of vice president for students affairs was established in 1968 with the establishing of University of Sulaimani , and re established in 1992 as a Directorate then became a deanship ,and now its Office of vice President for Student Affairs include the following directorates:

-         Office of vice-President.

-         Directorate of general registration.

-         Directorate of dormitories (Awal & new camp).

-         Directorate of downtown dormitories.

-         Directorate of Activities.

     Through these Directorate take over full control of all affairs with the students during their university, develops         programs and services that foster community, ensure a respectful environment, and enrich the overall student         experience. We strongly believe that our programs and services will help the students to succeed in their                 academic, personal, and professional lives. Through that provision of student admission and Transmission,             and hosting, student financial grant, and services that they need the most such as academic affairs,                        Dormitories affairs, social welfare, organizing Academic activities, Under direct supervision. Of vice president         for student Affairs


Dr. Peshraw Hamajan Aziz
Vice President for Student Affairs

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: (+964) - 7701585392